Michel Žalac

Business Development - Partner

Michel combines over two decades of expertise in driving business growth by building strategic partnerships focused on commercial & operational excellence across diverse sectors including retail, real estate, technology, healthcare, and sports.

He blends emotional intelligence with a strategic focus on market opportunities to boost both revenue and the company's relevance while crafting memorable customer experiences that bolster client satisfaction.

Strategic Innovator - Adaptable - Impactful - Insightful - Collaborative - Trusted

Client Relations - Championing impactful customer and partner relationships to expand accounts and minimise churn through continual improvement.
Business Development - Boosting revenue through innovative sales, marketing, and business development strategies.
Strategic Partnerships - Enhancing company presence and stakeholder trust through dynamic public engagement and key intermediary roles.
Operational Excellence - Guiding pivotal business operations, ensuring flawless strategy execution with a focus on efficiency and adaptability.
Market Analysis - Utilising market insights to align business strategies with core objectives, enhancing decision-making and performance.
Leadership - Dynamic leadership, fostering collaboration and effective communication to drive shared success.