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Automated onboarding for insurance, boosting efficiency & satisfaction.
In today’s challenging economic landscape, modernising the insurance value chain has become vital for success.

Globally, insurance key themes include:
  • Reducing customer acquisition costs
  • Rapidly scaling new and innovative insurance products
  • Simplifying the customer experience, increasing conversions and reducing lapses
  • Enhancing financial inclusion, providing financial stability for low-income families
While many insurers are tackling these, customer engagement remains a challenge. Larger organisations struggle to quickly adapt to changing customer expectations or fully leverage modern technologies.

Our solution

INSURCOM automates the client onboarding process for insurance companies, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

INSURCOM revolutionises the insurer/broker/customer interface through easy-to-use mobile-first technologies like WhatsApp:

  • Sell policies and onboard policyholders through automated interactions
  • Gather and verify data, automatically pushed to BI tools and Policy Administration Systems
  • Tailor automated interactions with in-force customers to increase engagement and customer satisfaction, as well as better understand risks (e.g. potential of lapses and future claims)
  • Expertise in SA & EMEA
  • Presence in Johannesburg, Cape Town, London & Rotterdam
  • Price in $ £ € (Cost base in South African Rand)
  • Quality software solutions (Int’ best practice)
  • Solution agnostic (Context driven)
  • Customer Service (Highly rated)
  • Verified Meta Business Solution Provider
  • Agile, Lean and Founder led
  • Access to peri-urban & rural markets in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Multilingual support, localisation & bespoke customisation
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Data & analytics

INSURCOM provides a unique distribution channel, with the ability to capture insights from policyholders at point of sale.

For example, customer behaviour data can provide insight into potential future risk factors (indicating future claims, lapses, regulatory risks):
  • Hesitancy in completing the transaction.
  • Time spent reading terms and conditions and other important steps in the flow that would indicate not properly understanding the transaction.
  • Exit points, understanding where and why customers become uninterested in buying insurance.
  • Location, time of day and other environmental factors at point of sale.

Additionally, if opted in by the customer, the data generated will be useful to understand demographics of customers who are interested in financial products and open to discussing or purchasing further tools to enhance their financial stability and helping overall financial inclusion.

Data can automatically be provided to downstream PAS tools, or via a self service reporting and analytics portal.

Privacy & data security

At INSURCOM, we prioritise the privacy, security, and control of your data and your clients' data. This commitment is reflected in our contractual partnership with Google Workspace and Google Cloud, leveraging three key principles:

Leveraging Best-in-Class Security: We use Google's industry-leading security infrastructure to ensure our products are inherently secure.

Privacy by Design: We adhere to Google's responsible data practices, with privacy built into the foundation of our service.

Empowering User Control: We provide clear and accessible privacy and security settings, giving you granular control over your data and visibility into its use.

INSURCOM remains compliant with both GDPR and POPIA data privacy regulations. Full policy

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INSURCOM offers cutting-edge solutions to revolutionise client onboarding in the insurance industry. Allow our comprehensive suite of products and services to drive tangible results and maximise your ROI.