Building connections.

SOLVCOM provides a choice-driven platform for seamless user communication.

Our solutions

Solve your communication challenges with our intelligent messaging solutions. SOLVCOM amplifies tenant experience by transforming the way users choose to engage with simplicity and efficiency through their preferred communication channel.

  • Expertise in SA & EMEA property
  • Presence in Johannesburg, Cape Town, London & Rotterdam
  • Price in $ £ € (Cost base in South African Rand)
  • Quality of software solutions (Int’ best practice)
  • Solution agnostic (Context driven)
  • Customer Service (Highly rated)
  • Verified Business API (WhatsApp / Meta)
  • Global BSP (Leading companies)
  • Agile, Lean and Founder led
  • Access to peri-urban & rural markets in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Multilingual support, localisation & bespoke customisation
Our concept - SOLVCOM Resi

Enhance operational efficiency with automated tenant services.

SOLVCOM Resi streamlines tenant interactions and operational tasks with advanced bot technologies:

  • Automated responses for tenant requests, account inquiries, and common call centre issues.
  • Accelerated issue resolution through AI-driven prequalification and targeted ticketing.
  • User-friendly interface facilitating efficient, cost-effective two-way communication.
  • Personalised user profiles for recording preferences and applying analytics.
  • Closed-circuit database ensuring exclusive access.
  • Seamless reporting of faults with detailed descriptions and photo attachments.
  • Integration with Property Management Software enabling access to accounting information, statements, and utility bills.
  • Instant transmission of statements and payment links to expedite tenant payments.
Experience a more streamlined and responsive property management solution with our advanced AI-driven SOLVCOM platform.
Our concept - SOLVCOM Student Life & Style

Beyond Onboarding

SOLVCOM Student Life & Style isn't just an onboarding tool, it's a comprehensive platform that offers extensive capabilities:

  • Explore regions and properties effortlessly on mobile, gaining insights into local culture and lifestyle before applying for residency in a student residence.
  • Prequalify applicants efficiently through API integrations for ID verification, credit checks, and other compatible data sets.
  • Utilise AI to provide instant answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Enhance your marketing strategy with SOLVCOM Student Life & Style's open environment and integrate it seamlessly with a well-crafted marketing plan.
  • Supplement or potentially replace traditional marketing efforts with SOLVCOM Student Life & Style bot and a robust Social Media marketing strategies.
  • Reward early payments and engaged users by distributing vouchers and rewards directly to their mobile phones.
Experience a smarter approach to student accommodation management with SOLVCOM Student Life & Style. All on your user’s platform of choice. 
Our concept - SOLVCOM Retail
Enhancing Tenant Communication with SOLVCOM Retail

Streamline communication between tenants and asset managers, landlords, including Accounts, Leasing, Operations, Marketing, and Exhibition Space bookings:
  • Integrated with Property Management Software via API, SOLVCOM Retail enables tenants to access comprehensive management systems for crucial information such as utilities bills, lease details, and recovery calculations.
  • In the absence of API integration, SOLVCOM Retail implements a ticketing system automating emails to the appropriate departments, reducing call centre and switchboard congestion while accelerating issue resolution. Ticketing dashboard forLine Managers, enabling top-down oversight and contributing to client KPIs.
  • Solution partners to MRI. SOLVCOM Retail ensures seamless integration with MRI locally and globally.
  • Intelligent bot facilitates incentives such as vouchers and rewards, encouraging early payments and enhancing tenant satisfaction.
Discover enhanced tenant management efficiency with SOLVCOM Retail.

Data & analytics

Data received through tenant communication channels is used to improve your overall product functionality while providing actionable insights to optimise your property operations. The overall tenant/client experience is improved and analytics can identify trends or highlight possible problem areas well in advance.

Privacy policy

At DTS, we prioritise the privacy, security, and control of your data and your customer's data. This commitment is reflected in our contractual partnership with Google Workspace and Google Cloud, which leverages three key principles:

Leveraging Best-in-class Security: We utilise Google's industry-leading security infrastructure, ensuring our products are inherently secure.

Privacy by Design: We adhere to Google's responsible data practices, where privacy is built into the foundation of our service.

Empowering User Control: We provide clear and accessible privacy and security settings, giving you granular control over your data and visibility into its use.

DTS remains compliant with both GDPR and POPIA data privacy regulations. Full policy